Archival Research Fees

 Archival Research Fees

Service Fees

  • Special reference/research requests will be carried out by staff at an hourly fee of $40.00
  • In-house film shoot, fee per request $100.00

Digitization Service Fees

  • Scanning, cost per digital image created $10.00
  • Duplicate scan (creation of specific file type such as, TIFF, JPEG, etc.) $5.00
  • Duplication of existing CD/DVD $5.00
  • Conversion of VHS tape to DVD $50.00
  • Conversion of CD/DVD to Digital File (mp3, mov, etc.) $50.00
  • Outsourced digitization and duplication orders (in addition to vendor charges) $30.00
  • Use of personal camera in the reading room is free

Usage Fees


Availability of Material

For specific information on the availability of materials or to arrange an appointment to use the Archives, please contact (516)367-8414 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please consult our Permissions & Copyright Policies for any materials you wish to use.